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At Mind Matters & Solutions, intercultural competence is imperative to holistic care. Dr. Taji supports going beyond superficial differences and strategizes with her patients to assuage dilemmas and empower them to raise awareness.

Zen Stones
Image by Alex Guillaume

Adolescence is a time of discovery; it is exciting! Some of the challenges that emerge during this time contribute to the young person’s sense of wellness and identity. It is not unusual for this population to experience anxiety, depression and identity crises. Dr. Taji forges a strong alliance with the parents and child, thereby fostering trust and transparency. She completes an in-depth assessment and partners with the parents and child to develop an individualized care plan.

This phase of life is compartmentalized into age segments—post adolescence, is considered the onset of adulthood. This period of life ebbs and flows with various responsibilities and can disrupt the human psyche with an overwhelming sense of pressure in various domains. Dr. Taji believes in approaching these concerns with compassion and effective problem-solving skills.

Image by Greg Rosenke
Beach Bonfire
Senior Portrait

Seniors are a vulnerable population with specialized needs. They are the nation’s largest growing population, therefore, interventions that support quality of life are urgent. Dr. Taji serves this population with great expertise. She empowers them by validating their concerns and aiming to reduce isolation and loneliness.

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