Balanced mental health is increasingly at the forefront of conversations about wellness. It is my mission to provide clinical expertise, education and collaborate with patients to unlock creative and evidenced-based solutions to resolve and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, improve medication adherence, communicate effectively, and improve their overall sense of well-being.

Meeting the patient where they are is essential to developing a therapeutic rapport, so I approach all clients from a person-centered holistic lens. I create individually tailored treatment programs that are dynamic and thoughtfully apply interventions

"Peace begins with a smile."
Mother Teresa

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Women Holding Hands

"It is a form of psychological treatment that was demonstrated to effectively treat a range of mental health concerns, such as depression, anxiety, and substance abuse disorder.

Source: American Psychological Association

"It is designed to focus a person's attention on the present experience in a manner that is non-judgmental"
Source: Good Therapy

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Beach Bonfire

"It is a time-limited, focused, evidence-based approach to treat mood disorders. The main goal is to improve clients' relationships and social standing to alleviate distress"

Source: Psychology Today